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Our newest initiative: BATM Paws and Pose

We at Bark at the Moon Animal Rescue take pride in everything we do - from rescuing animals locally and internationally, informing others about the importance of animal welfare, and now, our own photography service! This brand-new initiative was launched as a way to help raise funds for our rescue, while benefiting clients with beautiful photo of their furry family members.

Our Story

The birth of BATM Paws and Pose (@batm_pawsandpose on Instagram) came on the bus ride to Mexico City on our return from the April 2024 Mexico volunteer trip. From our group of volunteers, Summer was our incredible photographer, always ready to snap candids or to ask us to strike a pose. She was moved and inspired from the work we did in Mexico, knowing we changed the lives of over a hundred animals at the clinic and the few that were brought back to Canada to live in their new homes. Summer came up with a great idea of how to use her photography for a win-win situation: we could raise funds for BATM to keep doing what we love, and clients would get the cutest photoshoot with their fur babies!

We'll be having mini photoshoot days, as well as special theme days to show off your beloved dogs. With summer (the season, not our volunteer) fast approaching, get your babies out to enjoy the weather and snap some beautiful pictures during golden hour! Summer will be providing photography all over the London and Middlesex area, with all proceeds going back to Bark at the Moon Animal Rescue.

So what are you waiting for? Get out to that dog park, nature trail, or even your backyard and capture some beautiful memories with your loved ones. Follow us on Instagram and shoot an email over to Summer at to set up a photoshoot and learn more about the services she provides and the price list. And as always, check out our website to keep up to date with news regarding fundraising events and new adoptables!


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