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Bark at the Moon Animal Rescue is a volunteer-based, non-profit, animal welfare organization dedicated to the rescue and placement of stray, neglected, and abused animals.

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About Us

In early 2021, Bark at the Moon Animal Rescue was founded as a means to help provide love, housing, and good health for street dogs, shelter dogs and local dogs in need. Globally, we’ve seen an increase in overpopulation in terms of abandoned and neglected animals since the beginning of the pandemic. Shelters both locally and abroad are overflowing with unwanted pets. With overcrowding in shelters, comes unnecessary euthanasia for many very well-rounded, adoptable pets. Our mission is to save as many dogs (and cats) as possible from unwarranted death.

Our Motto is:  All Breeds, No Borders.

What that means to us:
Animals' lives matter, and we're committed to saving the lives of as many endangered dogs and cats within our means. Where they're located should never matter, an animal in need is an animal in need.

Our name is inspired by rock'n'roll intentionally. We are the underdog crew of humans, who've decided to roll up our sleeves and work together to make a difference - for the underdogs.Since launching this organization, Bark at the Moon Animal Rescue has saved over 120 animals. This is an incredible accomplishment for a rescue that has just reached one single year of operating.Our team has since grown tremendously, with over 26 team members, and tons of fosters, volunteers, and supporters. Together, we can make a huge impact for many animals in need.

Our Team

Shelby Tilley


Shelby has over 7 years of experience in animal rescue and the animal care industry. She has dedicated her entire adult life to to the advocacy of animal welfare. It has always been a dream of hers to launch her own animal rescue, and in February 2021, she did just that! If you're adopted, fostered, volunteered or even followed Bark at the Moon - chances are you know Shelby. She has her hands in EVERYTHING BATM related. From intake days, transporting fosters or adoptables, outreach trips, events etc... you can find her there. Bark at the Moon is her baby, and she ensures to be on the front line alongside her team every step of the way.

Christine Janzen

Executive Director

Christine joined our team in December of 2021 as our Volunteer Manager, helping us onboard, organize and facilitate all things volunteers. Her passion for helping our team feel valued and supported is truly incredible. In the last 5 months she's taken on more and more responsibility, and grew to be Shelby's right hand woman. From leading training seminars, creating procedures and processes, hosting volunteer nights, fostering our harder to place pups, planning events, and so much more, there's nothing this rockstar cannot take on! 

Leah Rondeau

Board of Directors // Cat Manager

Leah has been a part of the BATM family since the very beginning. She started her journey as the Adoption Director, but her love and passion for our feline friends quickly took over and she has now completely founded our Cat program, with a primary focus on assisting street kitties in Hamilton.

Melissa Bezerra

Board of Directors

Melissa has also been a part of the BATM family since day 1. She began her journey on our team as the Foster Director, helping dozens of dogs thrive in their transitional period through to adoption. Melissa is an incredible asset to this team and has a lot of passion for helping our animals thrive!

Victoria Young

Alumni Counsellor

Victoria joined the BATM family in May of 2021. Another very familiar face here because she's not only present at every single intake, but she's actively involved in: Events, fundraising, outreach trips... Victoria truly lives and breathes BATM, and we're so grateful to have her here.

Adrienne Cascioli

Media Manager

Adrienne joined our team in June of 2021 as a Donations Coordinator to assist with tracking supplies and collecting donations. She has since grown into the Donations & Supplies Manager role.  Each and every donation received by our supporters makes a difference in the lives of each animal in our care at BATM. She loves seeing how each dog settles so quickly at their foster, FTA or adoptive homes once they have a cozy bed to sleep on and a yummy bowl of food to fill their belly.

Melissa Ruetter

BARK Team Assistant Manager

After adopting #BATMAlumni Pearl back in July 2021, Melissa fell in love with animal rescue and wanted to get more involved. She started volunteering for us in September 2021 on the admin team, and then took on more responsibility as a foster counsellor. She is now the assistant manager of our BARK team, helping our counsellor's thrive with the day to day processes of fostering/adoption, creating educational content for social media, creating and managing policies and processes, and so much more! 

Robyn Cross

Vetting Consultant

Robyn joined the BATM family in September 2021. Robyn makes sure that all our pups are healthy to be adopted, she educates the team with any issues the dogs have and she makes herself available to our team, fosters and adopters for any questions that need answering about the health and welfare of our pups. She graduated from Ridgetown College in 2004 as a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT). Robyn brings a ton of vet and general rescue knowledge to our team which makes her a huge asset to us and the rescue community.

Angie C

Fundraising Coordinator

Alexis B

BARK  Counsellor

Steph E

Alumni Counsellor

Thomas M

Event Coordinator

Cassiana G

Event Coordinator

Geroldine Z

Bio Writer

Gillian H

Media Coordinator

Jenna B

BARK Counsellor

Sarah B

Event Media Coordinator

Kaleigh H

BARK Counsellor

Katerina K

Supplies Coordinator

Kelline H

Reference Coordinator

Liliana D

Event Coordinator

Nadia B

BARK Counsellor

Olivia S

Transport/Vetting Coordinator

Rebecca D

BARK Team Counsellor

Shannon M

General Administration

Brolin B

Fundraising Coordinator
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We're always collecting new or gently used supplies. Items our foster dogs need:- food, leashes, slip leads, collars (martingale), harnesses, treats, beds, bowls, toys, blankets, towels, poop bags, brushes.
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