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We know that you can't do anything in life alone, and the same goes with how we run BATM.

To us, it's not a competition - it's community. 

We have some super awesome partners who have helped us in countless ways and couldn't be more grateful to the humans and businesses who support our mission.

Interested in partnering? We'd love to chat!

Ways to Partner

We're currently accepting new partners - and there's plenty of different ways to work with BATM - here are our most common:


Have a business selling items? Considering offer a one-off, limited-time, or ongoing kickback to BATM and we will feature you on Socials, in our Newsletter, and on this Partnership Page!

Donate A Prize/Gift

We do plenty of raffles and auctions both online and at events. We also reward our volunteers who go the extra mile with gifts and prizes when we can! Have something to donate (gift card, basket, single items, etc)?

Sponsor an Animal

Our animals in care can cost anywhere from $300 up. Consider sponsoring one of our dogs or cats in full to be featured on social media, in our newsletter, and receive updates about your sponsored animal!

Donate Pet Items

Do you own or manage a pet supply store or boutique? Don't want to deal with overstock or soon to expire products? Consider donating to BATM! We'd be happy to make use of the products that you cannot!

Host an Event or Fundraiser

If you have a space or digital platform that could host an event or fundraiser - we'd love to partner. Whether it's on behalf of BATM or we rally the troops and come to you - we'd love to get together!


Hosting a market? We'd love to attend whether it's indoor or outdoor. Or want to join a market with us? Be a vendor at one of our markets or tag along and have your own booth!

Partner with BATM


Coming soon...

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