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Bark at the Moon Animal Rescue
pairs each of our animals with the family that can best support its individual needs, and provides ongoing, long-term support from our team.

Our Adoption Process

We're so thankful that you're interested in adopting from Bark at the Moon! This is a big decision for you and we're here to help you along the way! We have lots of resources available for you to explore and help you make the right decision for you and your family.

Here at Bark at the Moon, there are 3 ways to adopt an animal:


Standard Adoption:

An animal is currently in one of our foster homes or training facilities. This animal has received a clean bill of health and has gone through a behavioral assessment while in our care and is ready for their forever family. After going through the application process, you take the animal home.



An animal is not yet in our care or otherwise needs an additional foster period. This is a 2 week period with counselor support, where we make sure everything is going smoothly before finalizing adoption. FTA includes a 50% adoption fee at the start of the 2 weeks and the remaining 50% at the end.


General Application:

If you're not exactly sure of which animal is a best fit for you, or there is no one catching your eye right now, you can through our General Application and provide your ideal pet and our coordinator will get the interviewing and processes out of the way so you're ready to rock and roll when the right dog or cat is available! You'll receive emails of potential matches for you to review.

Adoption Application Process

Before Applying: Check Out Available Animals

Take a look at our adoptables and see if there is a fit for you - or apply and our team can do that step for you.

Step 1: Complete an Application

Please read each question carefully and complete it with lots of detail! The more information we have in your application, the smoother the remainder of the process will go!

Step 2: Virtual Interview

You will be invited to have a 45-minute screening interview with one of our counsellors, to discuss the animal you applied for and how your lifestyle will align with their needs. We also discuss what you can expect when bringing a rescue animal into your home, basic training, and we typically provide lots of educational moments!

Step 3: References / Home Check

Our Reference Coordinator will contact your personal references, as well as your vet reference. We also complete a home check (which is now done virtually).

Step 4: Meet and Greet

If adopting without a foster-to-adopt period,  you'll have the opportunity to meet with the foster family and the animal you applied for! This gives you the opportunity to see what they're like in a home setting. We do not do same-day adoptions, so after the meet & greet you'd go home to complete the final steps! Those who participate in the foster-to-adopt program typically do not have the opportunity to meet the animal before they arrive in our care but get a 2-week period to get to know their foster before finalizing adoption!

Step 5: Signing up for Obedience Training

Training is a NON-NEGOTIABLE here at Bark at the Moon Animal Rescue for all dog adoptions! We are firm believers in setting up our dogs to thrive in their new home, and ensuring that their new forever families have professional guidance and support in establishing a healthy relationship with their new canine companion is part of it. Online, In person (class-based or 1 on 1), or board and train are all acceptable options.

Step 6: Finalizing the Application

The last steps are to pay the adoption fee and sign the contract! Then it's time for your new best friend to come home! But worry not, you're not alone once that happens. BATM has an amazing post-adoption support team, and a fantastic online community! Our support doesn't end when you bring your #BATMAlumni home, we're here for you every step of the way!

BATM, dog giving paw
Place Command, BATM

Adoption Fees

Puppies Under 1 Year

Adult Dogs (1-8 years)

Senior Dogs (8+ years)

Bonded Pair

(can't be separated)





Kittens Under 1 Year

Adult Cats (1-8 years)

Senior Cats (8+ years)

Bonded Pair

(can't be separated)





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