Bark at the Moon Animal Rescue prides ourselves on pairing our general applicants with the perfect dog to match their family and lifestyle.


Foster-to-adopt (FTA) is a trial adoption in which the potential adoptive family will foster a dog for two weeks to determine if he/she is a good fit for the family and lifestyle of the home. The foster period is two weeks, and BATM is by your side every step of the way! It is the responsibility of the applicant to purchase all the required/mandatory supplies (we provide the properly fitted martingale!) We request a deposit of 50% of the adoption fee prior to the foster period, and a signed Foster Liability Form. BATM will check in with the potential adopters regularly throughout this period to see how things are going and if the potential adopters are considering moving forward with adoption. After the 2-week trial period, if the potential adopters decide that the dog is a good fit for the home, BATM will then request the second half of the adoption fee and provide an adoption agreement to be signed and returned.  If the family determines that the dog is not a good fit for the home, BATM requires that the family continue fostering the dog until another home is secured. Once the dog has been placed in a new home, BATM will refund the deposit. If you cannot continue to foster until adoption, you automatically forfeit your deposit.

Our Adoptables


(under 6 Months) $850
(6 months - 1 year) $750


(1-8 years)


(8+ years)

Bonded Pair

(can't be separated)

Application Process

If you would like to apply for one of our available dogs, you must submit an application through our website. You can apply for a specific dog or submit a General Application. After your application is submitted and reviewed a member of the BATM adoption team will email you within 48 hours to schedule a phone interview. In the interview we will review the adoption process, adoption fees, and ask questions regarding your history/experience with dogs, information on members of the household, and specifics on what you are looking for in your future dog (for general applicants). BATM also requests all applicants to provide a character reference and complete a home tour (during COVID-19 we are accepting virtual home tours in the form of photos and videos). We will also contact your current or previous veterinarians as a second reference. After these steps have been completed, a member of the BATM adoption team will email the applicant to confirm if the application has been approved.

If approved, the applicant (in collaboration with the BATM adoption team and fosters) will organize a meet and greet to meet the dog they are interested in adopting. Potential adopters are required to travel to the foster’s home to meet the dog in their environment. All members of the household are encouraged to attend. The potential adopter must get approval from the BATM adoption team to bring their dog(s) to the meet and greet. If the meet and greet goes well and the potential adopter wants to move forward with adoption, BATM will then organize a separate date to bring their new family member home! Please note: Obedience training is MANDATORY with all BATM Adoptions, this is non-negotiable and proof of registration is required prior to the finalization of every adoption.

Home Check

With the COVID-19 pandemic, BATM is currently conducting virtual home checks, in which all applicants are required to submit photos and/or videos of their home. This includes each room the dog will have access to and your backyard (if you have one).  

After the COVID-19 pandemic BATM will begin in-person home checks, in which a member of the BATM team will visit the home. All members of the household are required to be present during the home tour.