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At BATM we work diligently to match a foster animal to your specific needs and experience level. This ensures the success and the comfort of the foster parent and the animal.  

Our Foster Process

We're so thankful that you're interested in fostering with Bark at the Moon! This is a big decision for you and we're here to help you along the way! We have lots of resources available for you to explore and help you make the right decision for you and your family.


What is Fostering?

Fostering a dog or cat involves bringing a dog or cat home for a temporary period. This temporary period for Bark at the Moon Rescue (BATM) typically lasts anywhere from one to two months, until they can be adopted. Fostering can be a very rewarding position and is a great way to help dogs/cats when you may not be able to own one permanently. 

As a foster, you are providing a safe, temporary home for dogs/cats as we try to match them with their potential forever families.  During this period, we ask the fosters to help train, exercise, and mentally stimulate the animals to make them the best versions of themselves.  This is an integral part of the animal’s life after they have been rescued from an unfortunate situation.

What's Provided?

During the period of fostering, BATM provides you with all essential needs to guarantee the dogs/cats has exactly what it needs to feel and be safe. Any medical and veterinary bills will be covered by BATM, as the expense is not the responsibility of the foster. (If a medical appointment is required, we ask that you receive permission from a BATM staff member to bring the animal to the vet)

Some of the things we provide for the fosters are crates, food, feeding bowls, beds, leashes, collars, toys, etc. These are donated goods that we ask the foster to return once their animal has been placed with an adoptive family.  

BATM does regular check ins with the fosters to support any needs the foster may have while one of our animals is in your care; especially during the decompression stage. At BATM, we strive on transparency, communication and honesty to be a successful rescue, and we ask the same of our fosters.  

Foster Application Process

Step 1: Complete Foster Application

Please read each question carefully and complete it with lots of detail! The more information we have, the smoother the remainder of the process will go!

Step 2: Virtual Interview

You will be invited to have a 45-minute screening interview with our foster coordinator, to discuss our foster program and to understand more about you and your home so we can find a great foster match. We also discuss basic training, home environment, and lots of educational moments!

Step 3: References / Home Check

Our Reference Coordinator will contact your personal references, as well as your vet reference. We also complete a home check (which is now done virtually).

Step 4: Signing up for Obedience Training

Training is a NON-NEGOTIABLE here at Bark at the Moon Animal Rescue! We are firm believers in setting up our dogs to thrive in their new home, and ensuring that their new forever families have professional guidance and support in establishing a healthy relationship with their new canine companion is part of it. We have an amazing program with Doggett Style online training videos and require all fosters to purchase ($29).

Step 5: Liability Waiver

You will need to sign our liability waiver to ensure that you agree to our terms! Once that's done - you're ready to be paired with your foster!

Step 6: Availability and Matching

Once a dog or cat needs a foster that is a fit for you, our team will reach out to make sure you are still available and ready to take that animal. Once agreed, you will be matched to a Bark Counsellor who will support you throughout your entire time fostering our animal. They will check in, provide guidance and resources, and be available to help in any way! They will arrange pickup/drop-off of the animal and all required supplies and you will get your foster pet! If your availability ever changes or you need to go on hold - just let your counselor know!

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