At BATM we work diligently to match a foster dog to your specific needs. This ensures the success of the foster parent and the animal.  

Fostering a dog or cat involves bringing a dog or cat home for a temporary period. This temporary period for Bark at the Moon Rescue (BATM) typically lasts anywhere from one to two months, until they can be adopted. Fostering can be a very rewarding position and is a great way to help dogs/cats when you may not be able to own one permanently. 

As a foster, you are providing a safe, temporary home for dogs/cats as we try to match them with their potential forever family.  During this period, we ask the fosters to help train, exercise and mentally stimulate the animals to make them the best versions of themselves.  This is an integral part of the animal’s life after they have been rescued from an unfortunate situation.

During the period of fostering, BATM provides you with all essential needs to guarantee the dogs/cats has exactly what it needs to feel and be safe. Any medical and veterinary bills will be covered by BATM, as the expense is not the responsibility of the foster. (If a medical appointment is required, we ask that you receive permission from a BATM staff member to bring the animal to the vet)

Some of the things we provide for the fosters are crates, food, feeding bowls, beds, leashes, collars, toys etc. These are donated goods that we ask the foster to return once their animal has been placed with an adoptive family.  

BATM does regular check ins with the fosters to support any needs the foster may have while one of our animals is in your care; especially during the decompression stage. At BATM, we strive on transparency, communication and honesty to be a successful rescue, and we ask the same of our fosters.  

Application Process

If you would like to apply to be a foster, you must submit an application form through our website. After your application is submitted and reviewed a member of the BATM foster team will email you within 48 hours to schedule a phone interview.  The interview typically runs 30-60 minutes in length to review your application requirements. 

In the interview we will review the foster process, safety protocols, discuss decompression and ask questions regarding your history/experience with dogs, information on members of the household, and specifics on what you are looking for in a foster dog. BATM also requests all applicants to provide a character reference and complete a home tour (during COVID-19 we are accepting virtual home tours in the form of photos and videos). We will also contact your current or previous veterinarians (if applicable) or two references who are aware that you are interested in this position. After these steps have been completed, a member of the BATM foster team will email the applicant to confirm if the application has been approved. 

If approved, the applicant will receive (via email) a foster manual and liability form. The liability form must be reviewed, signed, and sent back before a foster can be placed with you. If you are matched with one of our dogs, we suggest the foster be on location at time of intake. This allows the foster animal to go straight home with their foster and begin their decompression stage. At the intake, all required equipment is sent home with the foster.  If you do not drive, BATM can coordinate a volunteer driver to bring the animal to you.  Once the animal has been with you for some time, fosters are required to coordinate meet and greets when there is potential adoption interest in the animal you are housing. BATM adoption team will facilitate this connection for you.

This allows a potential adopter to meet the animal before taking them home. You can request a BATM staff member to be with you for meet and greets; if necessary. If the meet and greet goes well and the potential adopter wants to move forward with the adoption, BATM will then organize a separate date to bring their new family member home! As a BATM approved foster, you are also approved to be a foster-to adopt FTA) or adopt the animal you may be fostering. Please review the requirements for both FTA on our website. You will not need to complete a new application or go through the interview process. Once approved, you are approved for all three processes. 

Home Check

With the COVID-19 pandemic, BATM is currently conducting virtual home checks, in which all applicants are required to submit photos and/or videos of their home. This includes each room the dog will have access to and your backyard (if you have one).  
After the COVID-19 pandemic BATM will begin in-person home checks, in which a member of the BATM team will visit the home. All members of the household are required to be present during the home tour.