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May West (F - 9Y)

May-West(F - 9Y)


F | 9Y | 25.1 KG | HUSKY MALAMUTE MIX | UTD on shots | Too be spayed Housebroken | Crate Training in process | Male dogs preferred | Most likely no cats

Not kid-tested | Fostered in Toronto

Miss May-West is the sweetest, most distinguished lady you'll ever meet! She loves greeting new people with kisses and loves everyone in her family. After her long-standing career as the bestest sled dog, this lady is finally able to relax and enjoy retirement.

May loves to be pet, especially belly scratches and will let you know if you stop too early with a reproachful look. May has been very brave in adjusting to her new life but will benefit from a forever family willing to work on building her confidence. She settles very well inside the house, but that doesn't mean she doesn't need a lot of walks! May loves to go to the park and sniff all the new, interesting things in her environment. She is very intuitive with training and is a certified prodigy in learning new commands - she learned to sit and come on the third day with her foster family!

May West has briefly interacted with other dogs, and preferred males to females - with proper introductions, she would most likely do well in a home with a male dog. Fosters have noticed that she loves squirrel hunting, and would probably do best in a home with no small animals. May West has briefly met small children, and with proper introductions could do well in a home with children.

May's perfect family would be content to relax at home with her but also willing to take her on adventures outside or some sprinting in the park. She loves her routine of training, cuddling, then a nap. Her forever family will encourage her to continue to become more confident and work on her training, even when some of the husky shows through.

If this laid-back, gentle lady sounds like your perfect dog, apply now!


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