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About Us

Bark at the Moon Animal Rescue was founded as a means to help provide love, housing, and good health for street dogs, shelter dogs, and local dogs in need.

We are a nonprofit, foster-based rescue, 100% Volunteer-run rescue. 

Urgent Need for Fosters!

Over the last several months - we have been getting hit with owner surrender requests DAILY! In addition our partner rescues and shelters are beyond capacity. We simply cannot keep up with the demand of dogs needing our help. We can ONLY take in dogs if we have available foster homes! Which is why we need YOU! If you can open your heart and home temporarily to a rescue dog in need, please apply today!

Coming Up...


On March 23rd, 2023, Bark at the Moon Animal Rescue will be heading down to Puebla, Mexico to host a sterilization clinic for our partners, the Dog-Go Project. The goal is to host a free sterilization clinic in the low income area's surrounding the shelter. Not only does this help us curb the stray/homeless pet population, it's a fantastic opportunity to educate local people. We will also offer collars, leashes and supplies to animals in need.


It cost's approximately $20 (not factoring in rental of the space, and the labor of the medical professional) to sterilize a dog or a cat, and with the goal of sterilizing 100 animals, we're hoping to fundraise $3,000 for this initiative. Only through your financial support are we able to continue our work in ending the suffering of homeless / stray animals.



Since February 23rd, 2021

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Monthly Donor

As a non-profit, we do not receive financial support from the Provincial government. We rely on the kindness and generosity of our local, animal loving community in order to operate! Consider becoming a monthly donor! For as little as $5 a month you can make a huge difference for an animal in need!


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