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3Y | M | 73 LBS | Neutered | Fully Vetted | Needs no kid/pet home | shy but sweet | Crate Trained | Obedience Trained | Playful | Medium Energy

Meet Maverick!

This sweet boy is good as gold. He may take some time to warm up to his new humans, but once you’re in his good books - he’s the biggest snuggle bug. Maverick craves a simple life. He doesn’t want many friends (neither the human kind or other animals). Nothing makes him happier than a quiet day with his humans, with lots of play, a long walk (with some short ones in between), showing off his obedience, a cuddle session, some snacks, and some alone time to decompress in his crate.

He’s not a big fan of having new people in his space. Crating him when you’re having people over is no issue, just give him something to do to occupy his mind (stuffed kong or chew) and he’ll be ready to rock! Slow introductions in neutral territory with new people are important! Over time and with patience, he will warm up and be comfortable.

Here at BATM, we are firm believers in putting a dog's needs before our wants. Not every dog thrives with the same lifestyle. It’s important to not set our dogs up for failure, and when we’re aware of their certain thresholds and boundaries, it is important that we respect that.

Maverick is a very intelligent young man, who is eager to learn and please his humans. He knows a lot of commands, and walks well on leash. He is known to have some reactivity when he sees other animals but is easy to redirect and get him back into a heel command. He has a lot of fun playing scent games, and playing with mentally stimulating toys.

Maverick loves a good car ride! He’s happy to tag along with you when you’re bopping around town. Who doesn’t love a good Sunday drive with their pup?

Maverick's adoption has been sponsored by our Founder Shelby Tilley who is also providing him the mandatory training free of cost.

Additionally, he will come with all the supplies needed to be successful (this including an e collar)

If you’re interested in providing this handsome man with a comfortable and happy forever home, please apply!

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