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Dogs Can Donate Blood Too!

Just like humans, sometimes dogs need blood transfusions in times of medical urgency.

Unlike our universal healthcare that covers this cost, it's a very expensive procedure if your pup ever needs this done.

Bark at the Moon Animal Rescue is partnering with the Canadian Animal Blood Bank to spread the word about the importance and benefits of having your dog donate blood!

Dogs have to meet certain criteria to be eligible to donate for their safety and the safety of the staff. Dogs that are between 1-8 years old, weigh over 55lbs, up-to-date on vaccinations (or proof of titres), even temperament, and in good health. If you meet these criteria, you're eligble to receive one complimentary blood product for every unit of donated blood should the need ever arise, a free microchip identification after 2nd donation, bandana, blood donor tag, milestone dog tags for every 5 donations, complimentary testing for blood borne diseases and heartworm.

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Like humans, dogs have different blood types. Universal dog donors have Negative blood type and their blood can be used to help even more dogs in need! Checkout the list of Universal Donor Breeds.

Not only can your dog give another dog a second chance of life, but you can save yourself a hefty amount of money and stress in the future if any of your dogs need blood in their lifetime.

And the procedure is really easy - not much different than a regular vet appointment! Prior to donating, you must fill out a registration form that with a section that your veterinarian will need to complete. When you arrive, fill out a questionnaire. Your dog is weighed and a small blood sample is taken to obtain blood levels. The donation process takes about 8-10 minutes (but the actual blood withrawal is only about 3 minutes). That's it! Time for snuggles with your hero-dog! Sign Up today!

It's recommended to not do vigorous excercise for 48hrs post-donation. To not use prong or e-collars during the 48 hours as well. Plenty of water should also be provided post-donation!

A blood transfusion can help save the life a dog in need and give them additional years of life with their families. Each unit of blood can make a difference in the life of 3 dogs! So, if your pup is eligible, please consider signing up to donate blood!


The Canadian Animal Blood Bank is having a clinic in Mississauga ON, at 755 Queensway East, on Thursday, July 6th at 10am*.


How to Sign Up:

Step 1: Review the Deferral Periods, and the full Infographic to see if your dog is eligible

Step 2: Email our partner, Nicole, and let her know that you're interested in attending the clinic and that BATM sent you!

Step 3: Fill out the Registration Form with your Veterinarian

Step 4: Attend the clinic on July 7th at 10am!

*Can't make this clinic? There are clinics available in many different Ontario cities on different days! Sign up any time through

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