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F | 2Y | Spayed | 20 KG | Mixed Breed | Medium energy | Dog tested | No kids/cats | Obedience trained | Goofy | In care 190 days

This sweet girl has been with us in boarding since October. Chicka is a very sweet and loveable little lady. She takes a little bit to warm up to new people but with a proper introduction and some patience, she’ll be your best buddy in no time. Chicka can be fear-reactive when it comes to meeting new people.

Before introducing new humans into Chicka’s life, it is important to do the following to ensure she’s set up for success: 1. Allow her to fully decompress, and become comfortable in her new environment

2. Establish a leadership role in her life, she needs to be comfortable and fully trust her new handlers. It’s important she knows that it’s not her job to protect herself, you got her! 3. Meeting in a neutral space, in a neutral environment. If you must have people over while she’s still getting used to her new life, no sweat! Chicka is crate trained, give her a safe space to chill out on her own with a frozen kong treat and do your thing!

She’s got such a sassy little personality, she has all of us giggling every day. She makes the funniest little snorts and gremlin noises. She loves to run, play, and go on adventures with her humans! We would say she’s medium energy. She loves to have a good time but isn’t against a lazy day snuggling either.

Chicka walks well on a leash and has her basic obedience down thanks to lots of friends along the way who’ve invested time into her. She has made lots of dog friends in her time with us, with a proper introduction she makes friends very quickly! We have not had the opportunity to test her with cats or children but due to her bouncy bully energy, we wouldn’t recommend her going into a home with either.

If you’re interested in taking this sweet girl in for an adoption trial (FTA) please fill out an application!

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