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F | 5M | 9KG | Mixed Breed | UTD on shots | Good with dogs | Cat tested | Loves kids | Medium energy | Playful

Say hi to Reba! She's a little ball of fur and energy who's about to capture your heart faster than she catches on to new commands!

Reba is an intelligent girl who is currently working toward her degree in crate training with a minor in potty training. She has figured out that it's not as scary in her crate as she once thought, but she is still a puppy, so she still becomes impatient after a while. Her bladder fills up faster than the older dogs, but she's figured out she needs to let her people know when it's time to go!

She has learned some basic commands, like sit and down, and she's eager to learn more. If there's a treat in your hand, there's not much you can't teach her On top of that, she's a little teacher's pet! Being motivated by food AND attention makes her the perfect student!

When Reba isn't busy studying for her trick and crate exams, you can catch her playing with her foster sister, a cat who has made her boundaries clear, and Reba has caught on very quickly! She also loves going on adventures and is great on the leash; she likes to be ahead of the pack but doesn't feel the need to pull.

This pup is super friendly. She likes meeting new people on her walks and especially loves kids! She knows she needs to be extra gentle when meeting the tiny ones. She is great with other dogs, although she can be a little shy when bigger, more excited dogs are around; with a proper introduction, she's a social butterfly.

After a long day of learning and playing, Reba is just like you and me; she likes to curl up with a nearby human and snuggle in front of the TV... or anywhere really; she's not picky!

She can't wait to learn all the tricks with her forever family! Are you ready to bring home this puppy prodigy??


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