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F | 3Y | 24.9 KG | Spayed | UTD on shots | Dog Tested | Not kid tested | No cats | Low to medium energy

This girl loves to chill!

Floppy chiller would be perfect to describe our 3 year old Lana. Lover of an easy routine, she loves her naps and a couple of walks in between the entire day. The more you win her trust, the more she opens up and shows the cute, floppy, silly and adorable side to her personality. Lana is steadily growing stronger and healthier and has made incredible progress in her training especially recognition and recall skills.

Though she takes some time to get familiar around people and prefers not sharing the limelight with other dogs, Lana is a fairly easy to train dog with a gentle personality and an intelligent mind. She settles down very quickly and thoroughly enjoys her meals. She is still getting used to loud noises and fast moving things towards her but with a little more training and patience, she will overcome these challenges soon. She is a brave one after all!

An extremely good listener, Lana is the perfect companion for a family/individual who work from home and can shower her with cuddles and affection from time to time.

If you’re interested in giving this sweet girl her forever home please fill out an adoption application below.

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